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Learn to code.

Everybody has a reason. Whether yours is to build the next iconic app, provide more for your family, or find fulfillment in your career - it's possible if you learn to code.

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From 0 to 60 Story

From Sushi Chef to Software Developer.

Christian Fuller, lolo, LLC.

After mastering the art of sushi making, Christian decided it was time for a career change. Following his creative passions, he found DevPoint Labs and moved to Salt Lake City.
Since graduation, he has fulfilled roles as Co-Instructor and Software Developer. Currently, he works for a fitness application company on implementing connectivity between different frameworks.

Anne Nichols, Teem.

You could say that Anne has always been a self-starter. Even before starting at DevPoint Labs, Anne taught herself how to program and brought that same passion in her 11-week course.
Anne continues to learn in her role as QA Engineer for the company Teem in Salt Lake City and is the author if a widely popular post called the Five Developer Love Languages.

Jordan Ott, Acima Credit

Jordan was looking to better provide for his family when his friend referred him to DevPoint Labs. With his family growing, he saw the need to acquire marketable skills that can help him sustain his family. DevPoint Labs and its team of instructors and mentors gave him the confidence he needed to push through the course.
Now, Jordan role in Application Support gives him the financial stability his family needs and the quality they like to enjoy.


Taught by the best on earth.

Jake Sorce

Senior Instructor @
DevPoint Labs

With a CS background and entrepreneurial mind, Jake has more than 7 years in software development, apps in the app store and helps maintain several open source projects when he has time.

Dave Jungst

Senior Instructor @
DevPoint Labs

Dave is a passionate life long learner of JavaScript. He has more than 7 years in software development and helps maintain several open source projects when he has time.

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It's more than just school.

DevPoint Labs is about community - meeting other people that share the same passion for life, work, and how one lives. Our alumni go on to build companies together, enjoy the beautiful Utah scenery, and help each other out with anything that one another needs. If this sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you.

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A collaboration like never before.

The culmination of a partnership based on providing students with the highest level of relevant education, University of Utah Professional Education and DevPoint Labs offer a Full-Time Web Development certificate program.

Web Development Certificate Program

FALL August 13th – October 26th 2018
WINTER November 5th - February 1st 2019

11 Weeks, 40 Hours per Week,
440 Total Hours

DevPoint Labs HQ
370 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

$9,995 USD
*Financing available. Contact DevPoint Labs using the information below.

Basic computer knowledge, required prep work, a lot of dedication and hard work

(801) 448-7240


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